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About us - Tara Parquet

"That was a fierce job, well paid but never enough of the Triftars. You think this is logical? It is, because not every person could control the torrents of timber carried by... What, you don’t know the answer? Well, TARA, my dear cousin... River TARA, of course! Starting from the late 19th century till the 1970s of the 20th, that was the only way of transporting the timber for a further processing. I picture Triftar... A strong forester whose job besides jumping on floating logs was to solve the problem when the narrow parts of the canyon create ten meters high cap or otherwise he should report to his Head Manager. However, what do I do nowadays? Let me tell you, my job is emotional branding."

Surovi Triftar


TARA flooring as a part of TARA Company LTD is a company who does wood processing since 1991. TARA flooring provides the market with the most modern natural floor coverings of the home-produced collection to follow new trends. Our floors unless they actually completely made of pure wood. . . and the like. Thanks to you, we were among the 1000 most successful companies in Serbia who follow all the European standards. Family tradition through generations keeps us "firmly in the saddle".

In touch with nature. TARA flooring.