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Hand Made Collection

HAND MADE stands for unique handmade collection where the client can make a choice of type, size and quality of the wood as well as the finish that includes: sanding, scratching, stamping, discoloring, bleaching, fumigating, heat-treating, steam treating, patina covering, varnishing, oiling. The collection is made exclusively on special request for a particular project and is never repeated twice except in three standard decor: Triftare, Catalunya, De Grossi Rudnicio.

We offer handmade flooring is tile and Venetian, solid oak flooring first class. In a French Louvre floor coverings are made precisely this technique of stacking parquet. From now on, to offer Tara Venetian tile flooring.

NOTE: Since we use wooden materials, the structure and color of your floor may vary in relation to the sample.